Sunday, 14 September 2014

Kool Koalas

Koalas usually do not need to drink water, they get sufficient water from the leaves they eat. but in times of a good old fashioned hot Aussie heat wave  all the gum leaves dry up, and that means no more moisture for the poor koalas, this is when we see koalas getting crafty finding water!

Check out these little koalas getting their cool on..

Meet little Meadow, she was getting a bit too cosy during a heatwave, so an animal lover in Adelaide took her in and gave her a nice cold bath to cool down...

 "She kept looking at me and looked like she wanted something, so I poured some water in my palm, and the koala drank it at once."
But that was not enough.
- Mrs Sun

 After sustaining long eye contact with Mrs Sun's husband for several minutes, the koala succumbed to the prospect of a cool drink of water and climbed down from the tree.
Not only did the koala hit the streets of Athelstone for a leisurely stroll, it almost threatened to get behind the wheel of Mrs Sun's car.
"When I opened the car door, she was poking her head to look inside my car, I guess for more water?," she said.

- Koala hails cyclists for water...


  - Little girl finds a koala in the shed, the koala takes a nice cool dip!

Koalas doing what it takes to rehydrate!

 -A dip

 And a sip!


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