6 years ago when I first moved into our home I watched in amazement (and some confusion) as  a koala tried to crawl into the house through a cat door - this is when I knew we were living somewhere pretty special! Now that is another story which I will share one day!

I live with my Husband Chris in a beautiful part of Australia called the Adelaide Hills that boarders on a national park. We live amongst Koala habitat. Koalas are an endangered threatened species, there are not many areas in Australia that you will find wild koalas as you do here.

 I uploaded my first You Tube video Cute Thirsty Koala in February 2013 which gained a lot of attention (take a look and you will see why!) and from then on with my handy iPhone I have acquired a neat little collection of videos for my  YouTube Channel .

Chris and I are wildlife advocates and care about our environment and creatures whom we share this beautiful country with. We have an open yard in which koalas are free to roam, climb and rest.

We have got a lot of love from all around the world for these  amazing encounters and so I decided to create this blog to share more of our little part of the world to our audience.

You are welcome to drop by anytime!

Alicia & Chris x

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