Saturday, 30 August 2014

Adorable Koala Just Wants to Cuddle!

How adorable is this!
We were out enjoying the warm evening  watering the parched garden after a very hot day of 43 C.

Chris spots a koala climbing down a tree. This koala was watching the water that sprayed from the hose. Due to a heatwave,  all of the yummy gum leaves that koalas eat and get their moisture from had dried up. So I knew he was thirsty.

Chris grabbed a tub of water for this koala (who we named Toby). Not surprisingly he didn't know what to do with it.
Chris wet the koalas mouth with the water and soon Toby got the hang of drinking!  He couldn't get enough! He gripped the tub tightly with his soft paw.

I had made a new best friend in Toby - he didn't want to leave my side, he even tried to cuddle and just hang on to me. Poor little poppet!

We left that bowl of water out for Toby who stayed in our front yard trees for 2 days and then he continued his journey.

This would have to be the friendliest wild koala I have ever met!
I have added the video at the end of this post

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Chris offers wild koala water

That nose!!

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That paw is very soft and warm!

Thanks for the selfie opportunity Toby!

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